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March 18, 2017

I made my first television appearance on INTERFACE (12 March 2017). INTERFACE is a SABC news television program hosted by Tembisa Morale and it centres discussion on the latest current affairs within Business, Finance and Politics. I was invited to be part of a panel discussion on the new ‘Twin Peaks Financial Sector Regulatory Reforms in South Africa’. This is of course my topic of interest within my area of expertise as an academic (Banking and Financial Regulation) considering that the topic of the Twin Peaks reforms in South Africa was the focus of my recent Masters in Law (LLM in International Banking and Finance Law) dissertation which I completed at University College London (UCL). Additionally, the topic of the Twin Peaks reforms in South Africa is also the focus of my research for PhD study. I also presented a paper on the topic at a conference held at the University of Cambridge in 2016 (see my previous blog post on the conference HERE ). So when I was invited to the television panel interview there was no way I could bring myself to resist such an opportunity.

Considering that it was my very first television interview I was a bit nervous initially, however those nerves disappeared soon after the cameras starting rolling. Joining the panel were representatives from the South African National Treasury and the Financial Services Board (FSB). The program aired on 12 March 2017 on SABC 3 at 21:30.

I am grateful for the opportunity at this very early stage of my academic career. Hopefully this was the first of many television interviews to come. Here are my favourite highlights of the interview:


Silindile N. Buthelezi

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Silindile N. Buthelezi